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Age Of Wisdom Tarot CardsAge Of Wisdom started as the next generation of Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Leila Vey’s first deck. However, as the project progressed and met up with a few logistical setbacks, it became apparent that Age Of Wisdom should become an entirely new entity. A separate project was conceived to create a second edition of Tarot Of Timeless Truth so that Age Of Wisdom would be free to become what it needs to become, independent of Tarot Of Timeless Truth.

Age Of Wisdom was conceived to celebrate Northern European pagan culture and values through the ages, from the ancients to present day. In truth, every age is the Age Of Wisdom.

Be A Part of Age Of Wisdom Tarot

Would you like to be a part of this exciting new deck? We are looking for models for a number of these cards. Please visit the Project page to find out how you can be immortalized in this wonderful deck!


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    The Lovers

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    The Fool

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